General Info.

 Airfare Arrangements

International airfare is not included in the price of the tours. It is the responsibility of the participant to make the necessary air travel arrangements to the tour departure city. Contact Roadrunners for the latest information on the best airfares available for your tour.


All tour participants must have travel insurance providing coverage in the event of trip cancellation, lost baggage, and evacuation (such as helicopter rescue) in the event of an accident. Motorcycles provided by HRR are fully insured to local legal requirements for accident and liability. Two very reputable companies are and


Passports & Visas

Tour participants must hold a current passport that is valid for at least 6 months beyond the tour end date. For most nationals, a free 30 day Thailand Visa is available upon arrival at either Bangkok or Chiang Rai Airports. Nepal Visas are also easily available upon arrival at Kathmandu Airport or from a Nepal Consulate in your home country. India Visas MUST be obtained from an Indian Embassy or Consulate from your home country before departure to India. No exceptions! Bhutan Visas & Tibet Permits are arranged by Himalayan Roadrunners and are included in with the tour cost. For Tibet Tours, please notify HRR if you already have a China Visa in your passport and/or planning on traveling from Lhasa into China at tour end. Please note that a regular China visa is useless for crossing the border from Nepal into Tibet, which requires a special overland permit, and any valid China visas usually canceled upon the issue of this special required permit. Since requirements are different for each tour and country, please refer to the specific tour itinerary, and/or contact Himalayan Roadrunners for more specific information.

Tour Reservations

A deposit of USD$750 is required to secure a position on one of our tours, and this can be done via our Rates & Dates page (on the homepage top bar), via credit card. You will be contacted by email with confirmation of your booking and provided more information. Tour balance invoices are emailed 120 days prior to the tour departure, and tour balance payments MUST be received no later than 90 days prior to the tour departure date in order to guarantee arrangements. Tour balance payments can be made via bank to bank wire transfer or by credit card. Please email us for a direct pay-in link and note that credit card payments against larger tour balance invoice amounts are now subject to a +3% collection fee. Please note all wire transfer fees must include the cost of the wire transfer itself. If not the fees will need to be settled prior to motorcycle assignment on the tour start date. PayPal is also an acceptable means of transferring tour funds. Please contact HRR for our Paypal address if you need it.

Driving License Requirements

Tour participants MUST hold a valid International Driving License endorsed for motorcycle operation and valid for the country of the tour. These can be obtained from your local automobile association or RAC for a small fee. In the case of Tibet where China regulations are in force, International Driver Permits, while not recognized by China, are still required for the Nepal portion of the tour, and as proof towards the issue of temporary China Driving Licenses, now required by all foreign driving visitors, and arranged by HRR.

Medical Requirements

A thorough medical checkup is recommended before tour departure. Immunizations are necessary for travel to the Himalaya and South East Asia. Participants are advised to consult their nearest travel clinic or doctor/GP for the latest up to date recommendations for high altitude travel and the destination country (s) of your tour.

Riding Ability

All interested participants on a Roadrunners Motorcycle tour MUST have adequate motorcycling experience, which can be initially gauged by how comfortable a rider is in modern day rush hour city traffic, in wet conditions, and on a regular sized bike (500cc and larger). While most of HRR’s tours are on paved roads, there is occasional loose gravel, washouts, sand and oil on road surfaces, tight bends and unpredictable road vehicles; therefore any off road experience is a plus. While Roadrunners will from time to time work with new riders given advance notice, we are not motorcycle riding instructors nor do we wish to be. If a rider comes off the bike a first time, Roadrunners staff & tour leaders will be watching. After the second time off discussions with tour leader on exactly what happened are mandatory. After a third time coming off the motorcycle the rider forfeits his or her riding privileges with transportation provided in our sweep vehicles from behind. Sorry, we will now make no exceptions to this rule.

Motorcycle Damage Deposit

A safety deposit of USD $1500 is required prior to tour departure and will be refunded upon return of the undamaged motorcycle. Deposits are easily made 1-2 weeks prior to tour departure via credit card via our Rates & Dates side link on the Homepage of this website. Scroll to the bottom of the page. While HRR will make every effort to supply a backup motorcycle and/or spares in the event of a mechanical breakdown, HRR is not obliged to replace a crashed and damaged motorcycle.

Age Limitations

We have hosted riders from ages 18 to 76. Riding experience, a positive outlook, and state of health are the most important considerations for participation. Riders under 21 years of age should be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Senior riders should contact us to discuss participation on the more demanding tour route itineraries, such as high altitude travel in Ladakh & Tibet 13,000 – 18,360 feet.


Accommodations for all Roadrunners tours are the best situated or the most culturally desirable. Why stay in a concrete box when you can hang out at an all teak guest house with loads of character or in one of the oldest lodges in a village? New hotels do have their place and we do use them, but again, all depending on what is available. Tour prices are based on double occupancy on a shared basis with another member of the tour. A single supplement can be added to the tour cost if participant requires single room accommodations. If a roommate cannot be found for participant on a sharing basis, a single supplement charge must be added.

Riding Style

All tours are guided by at least one western group leader. Most touring is together utilizing a leader-sweep system to facilitate route changes, lunch stops, and general accounting. A guide rides at the front, a staff mechanic rider is the last bike in line, and our support vehicles bring up the rear with first aid equipment, spares and luggage and optional seating for riders and passengers as required.